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Rotary Club of Drayton Valley
Drayton Valley Rotary

Proud Diamond Sponsors for Thunder in the Valley are the Drayton Valley Auto Dealers. DV Ford, Stetson GM, and Big West Dodge Chrysler Jeep.
Drayton Valley Auto Dealers

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On behalf of the Rotary Club of Drayton Valley thank you for your interest and involvement in the 10th Annual Thunder in the Valley Drag Race in 2014. We are excited to bring the sport of drag-racing to our community. We are additionally excited to dedicate all proceeds of this event toward Rotary projects.

We have had a remarkable response from the business and volunteer community in the way of sponsorships, assistance, and donations. We ask that you support the volunteer groups and sponsors not only this weekend, but throughout the rest of the year, as we would not be here without them. Thunder in the Valley Drag Race operates on a volunteer basis. Therefore, we ask your consideration and respect when dealing with those involved.

Remember ... This one is for the spectators!!!

We have been the recipient of some excellent assistance and guidance in organizing our Annual Drag Race. Even though there will inevitably be some glitches during the event, we hope to see the patience that we know you all possess during any of these inconveniences. Please bear with us and put petty grievances and personal agendas aside. Your attention and consideration will help to make the 2014 edition of the Thunder in the Valley Drag Race a huge success.

TECH: Will be set up on site. Racers will come to the Tech Area.

A Volunteer with a Bull horn will call classes during the event on Saturday and Sunday. Your TECH sticker includes run cards for Saturday and Sunday. They will be verified in staging. A closed FM Band will be used for class calls and track information; the frequency will be announced at the event.

There is a Food Concession in the Pits. There will be a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings for everyone. (minimal charge)

We have a fire pit for our use on Saturday night. If you want to join us for some social time, please do. Fire pits are available for your use. Please ask to get one. No ground fires are allowed.

Grand Tire and Fountain Tire will have a tire repair service available for both Saturday and Sunday. They are located on the main grounds. We have two oil and anti-freeze collection points on site. To protect our pavement, PLEASE use plywood under your jack stands. We have provided plywood at the oil/anti-freeze collection site. Just a reminder, when your race vehicle is running there must be someone in the driver's seat.

The large "R" is to be displayed on your tow vehicle if you leave the venue and return. Please print the sign here and bring it with you to Drayton Valley. Please show at the gate.

We would like to remind you to abide by all "no smoking, no alcohol, and no pets allowed" signs and rules as posted. Pets are permitted in the camping area and must be on a leash at all times. (Please remember your pooper scooper). We would also like to remind you to visit the Command Centre if you have any concerns during the events. Please do not approach the timing bus.

All Tow vehicles used in the Pits must display the tag provided. No skateboards, quads, motorized coolers or bar stools, remote control cars, scooters, etc. are to be used in the Pits. No one under 16 years of age operating any motorized vehicle.

The rules and schedules for 2014 are listed below. Modified diesels are not permitted.

Drag Race Rules
Track Rules
Entry Fee Schedule
Site Plan

2014 Poster

The Thunder in the Valley Drag Race Committee has spent countless hours on this endeavour.

Registration Fees:
All funds raised through the hosting of Thunder in the Valley Drag Races are dedicated to community projects and services.

All registration fees must be paid in full prior to entering the racers' pit. The Thunder in the Valley Drag Race refund policy is based on the following:

  • Full refund if your car does not pass "teching" stage
  • No refund once your car trips lights

The Thunder in the Valley Drag Race Committee reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event in the case of inclement weather or unsafe racing conditions.

Best Regards,
Mardi Dancey, Co-Chair - 780-621-2660


For general information, call Mardi Dancey at 780-621-2660

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